Writing for Story


Dear Jon Franklin,

I am truly enjoying this book. You are a fab story-teller and are able to get into the bricks and the dust of us all through pages 111-112. The reference to the ‘ETR’ (English Teacher Revenge) is well-played. I am all too familiar with the draining into my brainpan. Write. Track. Rewrite. Repeat. Push on through. In your choice of words ‘Spaghettiing’ brings the images of Hunter S.Thompson’s coverage of long-distance track runners in Hawaii in the 1970s.  Writing along the traverse of distance runners in the dregs of sportswriting, H.S. focuses on the process of the athletes. The marrow and the meat of them and writes it for copy. The best sportswriting ever some say…others were apalled. Runners eat carbs in the form of gobs of spaghetti and drink tanks of well-water to press on to the finish line…and finding that most of them vomited after furlongs in the heat, H.S found his story. His local buddy and fellow artist Ralph Stedman, captures Hunter’s words with drawings which now press into mind in this chapter with a single word. I attach here to share the love and pass on the vision for all after a quick google image search. Enjoy.