THINK OF TWITTER AS AN OCEAN. A wide blue tide that carries news, information, and your BRAND to every shore in the world. Learning to TWEET is like learning to ride a BOOGIE BOARD. Learning to control your movement to smooth, easy motions in 144 characters or less. Paddle calmly–only let the word out for small periods of backtalk; share and re share, like the tide. A TWEET alerts the other surfers in the area of your presence.

WAIT YOUR TURN. Be low-key, never to drop in on another or cut in on their wave. A TWEET is deferential, a TWEET is thoughtful, precise messaging. If you observe your TWEET has been shared by another, return the favor and re share it again.

As with any competitive sport, competency breeds acceptance and respect in your travels, come squall or ripple, TWITTER is an Ocean that can carry you home again. pop in a question, a quote, or a tip to get it moving along again.