HOWL Public Reading 2012


This was an amazing night. The HOWL reading was a celebration of the newest film. A hundred Los Angeles poets met at dusk to read select passages of this iconic American poetic history as moviegoers gathered at the theatre doors on opening night.

This poem was truly the first of its kind. Many of my conservative friends were very off-put by this reading, but equally supported the art of spoken word itself.

Poetry is one of the last places where we find our humanity, even through viscera and grit. For me, poetry is prayer, and all prayer is beautiful. In the individual voices of women and men, crying out for answers we find questions that we all have had in some of our days.

…We were seeking visionary angels, in the lava and ash of poetry. In 2012, Beat goes on.


HOWL Participation 2012

HOWL fifty years later- NY Times 2006