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EMERALD CITY is a complete narrative of ten years in the rain, mix tape soundtracks, stolen dreams, drugs, diplomas, and metro bus passes. A diary of homicides, suicides, bad sex, and the antics of youth in the 80s that some of us lived and others only watched from a distant place called Emerald City.

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For Maggie, Annette, and Joie

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You three women could not have lived more different lives. Your last birthdays, 87, 70, and 61. Politics, Television, and Poetics. Powerful, Resourceful, Powerless. Having never met her Ironness, my relationship to Maggie is based on BBC World Service and that movie that came out a few years ago. Always a Minister, never a queen. Tyranny was your darling.

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Our Ms. Thatcher died on a Monday in London of a stroke at the Ritz Hotel. She had been in poor health for months and had suffered long hours losing mind to trip along the cold water of dementia. I lost my grandfather to the boatman headed for that sorrowful shore in 2003.

images (4)Annette, I was never a Mouseketeer or a Beach Crazy girl, but one aunt of mine has battled with your kind of sickness for years.

The last time I was at Disneyland you were there in a…

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   A smart, lyrical and sometimes gothic journey within the modern lexicon of flesh and bone on a stick, this work is charged with life as elements of Emily Dickenson and James Dickey dance barefoot across this wonderful wedding of words by author Mende Smith”

– S.A Griffin


Mende Smith is the author of two collections of poetry “HollywoodLand”(Noble Swine) and  Veritas Cabaret (Lummox Press)more than thirty additional pieces have been featured in anthology, small press projects, and Lit Zines. (poem and prose form), as well as a number of essays, feature magazine articles, and  interviews. Smith’s poems have been performed  or received public readings in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, and her 2012 online radio venue “Writing on Demand” was a smash hit on satellite radio. In 2014, in Los Angeles, Smith founded “The Writers Round Talk Show” at one of  LA’s oldest venues, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Smith studied poetics and journalism in pursuit of her writing career. She works as editor for a variety of works for small presses and is also active as a script editor for Find Art Films. Her debut novel “Emerald City” is due out in 2015.